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Buttonwood Park ZooMassD12 Exhibit

Coyote Process1

Coyote Process2

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Coyote Final


Legacy Loop Magazine


Legacy Loop is a local bike share company based in Austin, Texas. Legacy Loop helps connect the locals and other travelers to the art and culture of Austin through a network of bike enthusiasts. This mock magazine is designed as a monthly issue featuring the latest about the company, its background, and promotions, Austin events and places, as well as do-it-yourself projects and instructions. As my senior design project, this magazine also acts as a process book, holding all of the research that went into designing the company and the entire processes of the designs and craft. This includes collage art, hand drawn typography,poster and print design, logo development, magazine layouts, photography, mobile application design, interactive design, photo editing, writing, craft, painting, and woodworking


magazine spread 1

magazine spread 2

magazine spread 3

magazine spread 4

magazine spread 5

magazine spread 6

magazine spread 7

magazine spread 9

process magazine

process magazine2

CVPA Senior Exhibit: UMass Dartmouth