Nike+Art Nouveau

Nike Concept Art

The Art Nouveau Nike Eclipse+3 advertisement poster appeals to female athletes who prefer a lightweight shoe to soar through their fitness goals and activities. Whether at the gym, jogging around the park, or racing the track, this stunning shoe has everything to complete your look while still maintaining the total sleek support, flexibility, and aeration of a durable running sneaker. It is newly designed stimulating feather-like structure wears like a satin dress making every step a cloud.

   Nike’s mission is To bring inspiration and innovation to ever athlete (if you have a body, you are an athlete) in the world. The leading innovators or athletic footwear was founded on a handshake, branded Nike in 1972, and has been making shoes ever since. Nike specially engineered these sneakers with single layer mesh for ventilation and Flywire Technology that wraps the foot for a perfect fit. This shoe also includes a carved-out TPU heel clip that activated with pressure to ensure foot stability and comfort, as well as a Lunarlon cushioned sole with extra flex. As a shoe made specifically for runners, additionally Nike incorporated reflective materials for safely exercising in low-visibility light.

   This advertisement, motivated by Art Nouveau, was meant to inspire the target audience to get in touch with their fitness side through these admiringly fantasized sneakers. The vivid coral pink sneaker is almost mystical which creates desire for something so elegant and naturally beautiful. ­Surrounded by intricate garden-like designs, stars and moon shapes, it places this product somewhere between reality and a fantasy space celebrating the unity and elegance of both.

nike box concept


Color ConceptsDirectly, this piece was inspired by Alfons Maria Mucha’s Art Nouveau Posters­­. Many of these works were similar to the description of posters at the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle given in Johanna Drucker’s History of Design.

Images of women with flowing hair, soft curves… in positions of flight and the casual use of nude figures intertwined with vines, flowers, insects, and animals in exotic and elegant designs.

These works often promoted a more modern, free, casually seductive, fantasized lifestyle. It also caught a lot of attention not only for its erotic and flowing imagery but its use of bright and varying colors. Mocha was a well-known painter who designed many of these Art Nouveau Posters. The Nike Eclipse+3 ad poster was derived from a mix of his works including pieces titled Zodiac, Poetry, Sarah Burnhardt, Job, and  Dance. In particular, Mocha’s works were inspiring because many are reflective of advertisements today relating products to a higher level a gratification out of this world. Total fantasy. We see advertisements for cars that can do the unthinkable, hair products that make you seem more seductive or desirable, colognes that attract women to the extreme and many more. Mucha does this in the style of Art Nouveau. As further inspiration I looked to architecture, specifically, the Victor Horta Hotel for its flowing vine-like designs and asymmetry. This botanical architecture is representative of a different way of life, the life of an individual. The Nike Eclipse+3 Ad is meant to express this individual identity. The viewer is meant to see the differences between an average and fantasy life, and then in turn want to identify, connect with and desire their own form of fantasy within the product.

About NIKE, IncNIKE, Inc. Web. 22 Feb. 2014

Art Nouveau
Alfons Maria Mucha’s Poster Inspirations: Sarah Burnhardt, Dance, and Zodiac

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