Legacy Loop Mobile App

Legacy Loop is a bike sharing company based in Austin Texas. The app is designed to make local bike renting not only quick and easy but more personal and cultural. Legacy Loop makes it easy for a visitor, a student, a local, or a commuter to become quickly associated with the area and its culture. The app bridges the gap between the local and the outsider while also creating a stronger sense of connection in the community. This app hosts local bikes for rent, places to eat, events to attend, recreational parks, and people like themselves to connect with. In creating this app I was able to utilize many aspects in design such as logo development, app design, interactive PDF design, typography, wire-framing, vector drawing, collage art and video.


The Legacy Loop mobile application is specifically designed for renting bikes from other members of the group. By downloading the app create your own account for bike renting or sharing by creating a cyclist name and password.

After logging in the first time, Legacy Loop directs you home page explaining all you need to know about joining the loop.

When you are ready, begin by renting. The app makes this an easy three step process, pick a bike, gear up, get going. There are plenty of different bikes availble, as well as safety gear and other accessories. Any items available in the Legacy Loop store can also be added to the transaction right from your phone. When your cart is ready, check out by entering payment information, a pick up location and the dates of the rental period.

The app also features up to date local hangouts, events and other Legacy Loop member. You can use these to build on your own user page, by adding them to calendars or customized maps, making connections and sharing them. You can also post your own bikes or equipment on Legacy Loop for others to rent.

CVPA Senior Exhibit: UMass Dartmouth

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